Stewart Redpath

Stewart’s expertise lies in analysis and research which, combined with his creative, structured thinking, allows him to provide his clients with valuable customer insights and market understanding. 

Stewart’s speciality is in defining brands and customer propositions. He has a collaborative approach and working closely with marketing professionals, designers and writers he ensures quality and consistency in the brands he has developed. 

After 16 years working with significant UK brands (Orange and Lloyds TSB) he struck out in 2006 and since then has been creating and developing brands for a broad cross-section of businesses in the UK and abroad.


Thank you for all your hard work, creativity and patience!  [On news that thankQ had been acquired by the Access Group]...the feedback that we are the most appealing brand and product in the sector which lead to their decision, is pretty good to hear – so thank you for your support and ideas once again.  To think I was unsure when you said we should drop ESiT and just go with thankQ! 

John Bird, previously Managing Director of thankQ (now Blackbaud)

“Stewart came in to work with us on a project basis as we undertook the re-branding of our business.  This was a large, sensitive and complex project which required tact, diplomacy and patience alongside good drive and energy to get the job done.  We were delighted with Stewart’s work and personal commitment to the project.  Without him we would never have made the progress to get the job done.  He is very capable and professional and draws on his fund of experience to do a great job.  I would be delighted if we were to have the opportunity to work with Stewart again in the future” 

Mark Sismey-Durrant, Chief Executive, Heritable Bank/Hampshire Bank

Stewart Redpath worked with Stroud College to review our marketing strategy.  He conducted extensive market research with rigorous attention to detail and produced robust data and qualitative information which has impacted positively on college marketing and outcomes. Stewart built very effective relationships with staff, students and a variety of external stakeholders and was very well liked; this aided his collection of pertinent market research and the development of our revised marketing strategy. Stewart is a very capable and experienced marketeer. 

Beri Hare, Principal, Stroud College

“I have worked with Stewart and Liminal on a number of occasions and over a number of years. Stewart is truly passionate about developing customer focused brands which optimise business results by identifying and bringing out the uniqueness of the business. He has a proven ability at understanding the internal complexities of the business and working through these complexities to obtain buy in and commitment to his ideas and thinking” 

Alan Gilmour Marketing Director, (Previously Senior Marketing Director, Lloyds TSB Group, Identity & Passport Service, Heritable Bank)


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