Over 50s marketing training

Sample outline of an interactive over 50s workshop

Learn how you can improve performance of your sales and marketing campaigns through better engagement with mature customers

Morning sessions


Sentiment analysis; understanding the psychology of ageing and how it affects communications.

Exploring the mature market mind-sets and improving performance through more effective marketing communications: 

• The myths about the market

• Overcoming stereotypical thinking that “older people are set in their ways”

• Learn the specific tools and techniques for reaching the different audience groups

• Learn what typically alienates mature customers

• Different communication styles to engage different market segments

Segmentation strategies

How to maximise your marketing campaigns through segmentation: 

• Explore the ways to segment this market and learn the benefits it will bring to your sales

• Identify your mature customers’ different needs, wants and motivations and examine how the market segments itself

• Understand different group personas and their different customer journeys

• Use market intelligence and customers insights to help define your segment profiles and future marketing activity

Afternoon sessions

Individual clinics on topics such as: 

How to write effectively for brochures, websites, emails, blogs and other promotional communications to improve your chances of success including:

• Understanding how your content can persuade mature customers to buy your experiences 

• How to “age-proof” your communications


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