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Research services

Are you concerned that you don't really understand your market?

Who would benefit from this service?

Whether it’s getting to grips with their market, identifying and understanding their customers, or engaging with their staff, clients engage with Silver Marketing because they need a much better understanding of the key factors influencing their business or organisation.

Our research projects may form part of a bigger initiative, such as marketing planning or brand development, or they may be standalone pieces of work which will feed into day to day running of a business. 

Where Silver Marketing can help

We work with clients to define research objectives and then formulate the most effective type of research to uncover insights and meet their goals. We can help with:

  • Quantitative research (asking a lot of people a number of straightforward questions online)
  • Qualitative research (small groups of people in structured discussions for in-depth insights )
  • One to one research (face to face or by telephone)
  • Running workshops
  • Desk research and harvesting data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysing customer data

Working together 

We can undertake research on a stand-alone basis, as part of a bigger project we are working on for you, or in conjunction with another agency you may be working with. 

We never impose 'models' or 'our way of doing things' on clients and we never embark on over-engineered research processes that could waste time and resources. We want to get results as quickly as you do, so we will advise on the most effective ways of achieving this.


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